Hot Air Balloon Animals Baby Crawling Play Mat -Blue/Grey

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Give your child a colorful and safe space to play with the Fantasy Fields Hot Air Balloons Kids Soft Foam Crawling Mat. This cushioned floor mat provides your little one with their own area to crawl, roll, play, and relax. This crawling mat features 0.39" thick foam, providing padding and creating a safer and more comfortable environment for your little ones to play. Decorated with a fun display featuring hot air balloons and friendly animals, this mat is a vibrant and colorful addition to any bedroom or classroom. Its colorful and soft design makes this mat ideal for enhancing the playtime of younger kids and toddlers, and it can be used in both home and educational settings. This exterior of this mat is constructed from durable materials with easy-to-clean surfaces that make wiping up spills a breeze. For easy storage, this mat comes with a zippered carrying bag. This mat is recommended for children of all ages, making it perfect for both toddlers and infants. The Fantasy Fields Hot Air Balloons Kids Soft Foam Crawling Mat measures 60.63" x 0.39" x 77.56" for use in almost any bedroom or play area.